Plaques come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
They can be ceramic plaques for headstones, but also wall plaques for house numbers, place cards or any other personalized motif (image or writing). In fact, photoceramics are suitable for resisting even outdoors without altering over time.
Plaques are ideal for personalized lettering, as they can feature a relief decoration made directly in the chosen ceramic. The relief can be either white or in color.

Simple example of personalized ceramic plaque for house numbers
Simple example of personalized ceramic plaque for house numbers

Various uses of plaques can be:

  • Ceramic plaques for house numbers
  • Ceramic plaques for homes (with first and last names)
  • Ceramic plaques for hotel rooms or bed&breakfasts
  • Ceramic plaques for headstones
  • Wall plaques with photographs (pictures)
  • Placeholders


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