Customizations to enhance your images


The photo editing is included in every order with no extra costs.*

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We professionally retouch images in-house. It is possible to request various modifications, such as:

  • Converting images from black and white to color;

  • Adding text to images (names, surnames, dedications, dates, etc.);

  • Cropping and merging people from different photos;

  • Changing the background of the photo and clothing of people in the photo;

  • Improving image resolution.

Is it possible to have a preview of the edited photo before it is printed on ceramic.

*To mantain the generic price low, we charge only for the following modifications:

- Merge people from different photos
- No border
- Name& dates (included in parchments, books, decorated plaques, ground level ceramics). ù
- Special texts
- Colouring pictures from B&W to colors (not the opposite, that's not paid)
- Photo Editing only (without ordering a ceramic)
- Marble effect
- Flat back of the ceramics
Please check out the last page of our price list for more details.