Made with our special printing method

Photo-crystals are an alternative to classic ceramics. The first thing that will be appreciated is the brilliance of the surface.
This is a unique and quite difficult product to make, we still use old techniques and double firing and rarely in this field you will find such a resistent product. Our tecnique also allows us to print letters on a transparent background - this is usually not possible with other methods.

The working process compared to traditional photo ceramics is slightly different: the color is not transferred to the upper part of the support but is placed (and then fused in the oven) on the lower part.

The surface is then perfectly smooth, glossy and shiny. The colors used have the same characteristics as those used for photo-crystals on ceramics, so the product retains the same durability characteristics.

Photo-crystals are available in 10 mm and 12 mm thicknesses and with round or shaped edges.

Formats have also increased in recent years, so that nowadays in addition to the classic oval and rectangular you can have heart shape, parchment and book format.